Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Late on being tagged

David J Stitt

I see that I was tagged awhile back - I'm getting out of the slacker category.

These are all random items:

1. I really hate onions, garlic, sour cream, and pickles. Unfortunately, the commonness of these in food limits what I can eat (I have suffered through many meals to be polite in cultures where it is rude not to eat what is served).

2. I sing in the Syracuse Oratorio Society (a choir in Syracuse NY that performs with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra)

3. I love black licorice (my favorite is Kookaburra from Australia)

4. I was once called out of the audience when I was 18 years old at Universal Studios in California to be the 6 Million Dollar Man. I kicked the tire of a truck and blew it out and then picked up the truck with one arm to put a jack stand under it because there was no jack.

5. I love classical music, but my favorite folk music singer is John Denver. I once saw him live at the Salem Oregon Armory Auditorium in the mid-1970s (only a little over 2000 seats) - one of the best live concerts I have ever seen.

6. We have three cats. I seldom call them by their real names. Most of the time I create nicknames for pets.

7. Growing up in the movie theater business I operated the projectors. I have seen The Sound of Music more than 100 times (I stopped counting at 100).


Lee Ann Setzer said...

Hail, fellow onion hater!

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Onions and peppers and pickles, oh, my! - - - can't eat them on a good day!

I saw John Denver in concert during my college days and was always a huge fan from the very beginning. I think his music will age well - - but I also think he had so much more to give us before his life was cut short.

I am also a huge Kingston Trio fan . . .