Thursday, May 29, 2008

The House of Two Toilets

by Shirley Bahlmann
As we drove down Main Street in our historic little town of Ephraim, Utah, my 8-year-old son pointed to a sandblasted rock sign in a front yard and asked, "What does 'House of Seven Gables' mean?"
I shifted in my seat. "Do you see those little pointy roofs?" I asked, aiming my finger at a gable jutting from the old house's roof line. He nodded. "Those are called gables," I explained. "That house has seven of them."
"Big deal," my husband said from the driver's seat. "I think we should make a sign for our house and stick it in our yard."
My interest piqued, I straightened in my seat and looked at him. "What would our sign say?" I asked.
"House of Two Toilets," he intoned.
He shrugged while our son giggled in the back seat. "That's every bit as important as seven gables, if no moreso."
What else could I say? He was absolutely right.


Rebecca Talley said...

We'd have the sign, "House of Three Toilets." Let me tell you, though, that ain't nearly enough on Sunday mornings!

Lee Ann Setzer said...

And you could write a new classic:
"Shirley of Green Toilets"
(oh, they're probably not green, huh?)

Marsha Ward said...

Shirley, it's another laugh-out-loud post. Thanks!