Monday, May 5, 2008

Home Again

By Rebecca Talley

My daughter arrived home from Snow College early Saturday morning (okay it was really the middle of the night). I was very excited to see her (not so much for all of the stuff she brought home with her).

What a great experience she's had. I admit, I was a little scared to send her away to college. Would she starve? Would she pay her bills on time? Would she study enough? Would she make friends? Would she get kidnapped on the way to school in that scary Ephraim town?

I'm pleased to say that she not only took great care of herself, she did well in school, and she matured in so many ways. She also finished her Personal Progress (just under the wire) without me harping on her. She's become a young adult capable of living in the world without me. (I guess that's a good thing, though it does make me feel a little sad that my baby has grown up).

To every thing there is a season.


Marcia Mickelson said...

That is a scary time--sending kids out into the world. I can't even imagine. I'm glad it's going well, and you must be so thrilled to have her home.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Hey, I live in scary Ephraim! Snow College is where I met my tall, dark, handsome husband. It sounds like your daughter escaped a ring on her finger... for now!