Thursday, May 1, 2008

Be Still and Know that I am God, Part II

-- By Sidne O'Reilly

Please forgive me for taking so long to write the second installment of this blog. Life just kind of swept me away for a while, but I am back.

The question I asked last time is how we can learn to be still and cancel out the brain noise so that we can “know that I am God?” Prayer is a good option. Meditating in the Celestial Room of the temple is a wonderful idea. But is there a way to create temple moments in our day-to-day lives?

I don’t know about you but it seems that time is condensing or going faster. (I have heard that this happens as you get older, but I wouldn’t be surprised in younger people are feeling the same thing.) How do we find a way amid noise, (self inflicted or otherwise) and hectic surroundings to bring our spirits in alignment with Heavenly Father’s spirit?

I have found some solutions to this in a very unlikely place – Oprah Winfrey.

You may have heard that she has been giving free internet classes on Eckhart Tolle’s book, “A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purposes.” Since it was about finding you life’s purpose which is one of the things I talk about in “The Twelve Week Challenge” I thought it would be wise to look into it.

I was put off by Eckhard’s disregard for organized religion and his discounting of the Divinity of Jesus Christ. In spite of these deep failings, as I read the book and put it through the filter of gospel understanding, I found some principles of great value. He teaches a theory of how to:

  • clear the clutter of the mind
  • recognize the natureal man, (which he calls ego)
  • get in touch with your spirit, (which he calls being)
  • make contact with Heavenly Father, (which he calls Presence)

He accomplishes this through a very simple practice of becoming still. So how do you become still?

It is just a matter of taking conscious breaths. You know we will breathe whether we think about it or not. So what we have to do is focus on nothing but our breath going in and out of our body. Just notice our breathing; what it feels like as it enter and exits. As we do this, the thoughts about our past or future dissolve into the quieting present. It may take a few practice times for the brain clatter to dissipate, but it can happen. It is extremely refreshing. This practice gives your spirit the opportunity to come to the forefront. It is not our spirit that worries about the future or stresses about the past. Our spirit-selfs live in the present and are aware of “Presence” or Heavenly Father.

I has been my experience that as we become still more often, we find more of the peace we are seeking and come to know God better.

I am cheering for you!

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Tracy Winegar said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Your thoughts were a bit of an answer to some questions that I posed to my husband just the other day. Sometimes we find answers in unlikely places. Thanks.