Friday, May 9, 2008

In Honor of Mother's Day

“I love you, Mom.”
“I know you do.”

These are the last words my mom and I exchanged before she died. I had willingly helped to take care of my parents for several years while they struggled with various illnesses. Two years after my dad passed away, my mom lay very ill for several months. I had to leave town for five days. After the trip, as I drove home alone from the airport, I had a feeling that my mom had passed away while I was gone. I passed the mortuary where her body was to be taken if she died. For some reason, I stopped and went inside. They confirmed that my mom had died earlier that morning and that her body was there. My best childhood friend, Stevie, who had made arrangements to do my mom’s hair, arrived a few minutes later. While Stevie cut and styled her hair, I lovingly held my mom’s hand. She looked so beautiful and I knew she was finally at peace. The above words came to my mind. I was so grateful that I had been able to express my love to my mom before she passed away. I was even more grateful that she already knew.
Faye, Age 57, Utah, USA
This is one of my favorite submissions found in One Heart, Many Voices. Call me bias, but it is probably because Faye, the woman who wrote it, is my mom and she is describing her final moments with my grandma Doris. I’m grateful for both my mom and Grandma Doris and for the great examples they have been in my life. Thank you, Mom. I love you!


JoAnn Arnold said...

My father died at 58. When I turned 58, I realized how young he really was. When I read your story, I remember how hard he worked so the future of his children would be secure.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of him because the love runs so deep.

Thank you,

Shirley Bahlmann said...

I have heard so often that people regret the last words they say to someone they love. This is a great reminder to tell people that we love them as often as we can. Thanks for posting this.