Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tag, I’m It

By Lee Ann Setzer

Seven things about me:

I’m an LDS speech-language pathologist fiction writer married to a lawyer--just like Janet Kay Jensen!

We are a family of “Lord of the Rings” geeks. This weekend, we’re going to a Renaissance/fantasy fair dressed as “the Family of Ithilien”—Faramir and Eowyn in their later years, with their three kids.

I have a railroad in my back yard. It needs weeding.

I invented the banana-lettuce-and-cheese sandwich.

I grew up in the Mojave Desert. I once saw the Space Shuttle get towed down the main street in my town.

There's a lighthouse under my bed.

My personal writing motto comes from a hot-dog stand in Provo:

“Famous by noon tomorrow.”


Marcia Mickelson said...

A railroad in your backyard. I can't let my 6 year old see this. He'll tell me: "See, you can have a train in your backyard becuase i keep telling him people don't have miniature trains in their yards." He would love that.

Doug Johnston said...

You have to explain the train. How did you get it, how many people will it hold. How long is it?

Kammi Rencher said...

A train in your backyard? That's just too much fun. :) My husband collects miniature models, but if we were to leave them out, I'm sure the neighborhood cats would kill them and carry them off. My cat goes bonkers whenever we run them in the house; maybe he thinks they're mice.
Your banana-lettuce-cheese sandwich sounds very tempting...too bad I'm gluten intolerant. ;)

Marsha Ward said...

I think I have the ingredients for that sandwich in the house, Lee Ann. I'll try it someday.

A lighthouse under your bed? More explaining needed.