Monday, May 19, 2008


By Rebecca Talley

A few years ago if I suggested we all google ourselves, some well-meaning person might have called my bishop and demanded he speak with me. In today's techno-world, though, most people understand that Googling our names and book titles is essential.

Not too long ago LDSPublisher challenged her readers to google themselves. She said each author should have a web presence and if you found your website or blog listed on the first results page of Google you were successfully creating/maintaining an internet presence.

I've taken her advice and regularly Google my name. I sometimes find interesting and unexpected results. Today I found the Salt Lake Library System site and learned that it has 22 copies of my book, Heaven Scent, in their system. Of those, only 1 copy is currently available. That means 21 copies are out or in the process of being checked out and people are reading my book. Woo hoo! People are reading my words and the story that's played out in my mind so many times. This may not be earth-shattering news to many, or even most people, but it's thrilling to me.

(And, if you go to the above site and click on the LDS Authors Blog to the right, guess where it takes you? Right here to our blog. Cool, huh?)

Go ahead, Google your name and see what happens. You might just find something that'll make your day!

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