Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Inheritance I Got from My Mother

By Christine Thackeray

Today I taught the seniors in YW about heritage. It was a fascinating experience. We talked about inheritances and asked what spiritual gifts each girl felt they had inherited from their mothers. The girls responded with the gospel and then drew a complete blank. I was shocked because each had such incredible traits, values and perspectives that they had received at the hands of their mothers- so I told them what I had seen.

One girl had a mother who taught music for twelve years. April is a wonderful musician and is one of the most cast actresses in our high school. Another girl has a gift for beauty from her mother, not just in her clothing, hair and makeup, but the way she writes a page, expresses herself and in the gifts she gives to others. Everything she does is physically gorgeous. She recently did a modesty fashion show and the decorations down to the refreshments could have been catered by Martha Stewart. It was incredible!

Another girl is quiet and reserved as is her mother. Her tenderness allows her to see things and touch people that the rest of us may forget about. She is thoughtful and gentle in the way she words things. For someone who is boisterous and often unwittingly steps on people's toes, I sometimes wish I had that gift.

Finally the last girl in the class is down to earth and fearless in both social situations and in her choices. She has a confidence that totally detaches her emotionally from the approval of any group, which gives her the power to listen to her own voice. She loves to ride horses and works at a vet clinic, enjoying every moment of life. Her mother is the same way, but spends her time sewing, supporting her children and serving like a crazy lady. I love them both.

I brought a bouquet of flowers and asked each girl to pick the flower that reminded them of their mothers and to enjoy the uniqueness of each one. As they left, I thought of my mother who loved ideas and language. She encouraged open debate on topics of politics and social issues during dinner between the family and stayed current on all the latest Broadway plays and NY times bestsellers. She was a woman of brilliance and accomplishment who raised twelve children which were always her primary focus and enjoyed a strong writing career.

But I also had to admit that as a teenager I didn't quite appreciate her as much as I do now. Yup, I might have been one of those girls that drew a complete blank but now, I thank the Lord for the gift of my incredible mother.


Lee Ann Setzer said...

What a beautiful mother's day gift for those girls! I hope they were listening.

Terri Ferran said...

I hope you share your wonderful insights of this blog with your YW. I'm sure they need to hear it (or read it)!