Sunday, March 23, 2008

You can eat this!

Suzie Roberts

I have picky kids. At one point, I could count on one hand what my son would eat. I was reading everything I could on getting your kids to eat and try new things, when I thought of a neighbor of mine who has 10 children. I asked her if she had any picky kids and if she had any insight for me. I will always remember these things. She said she would always make sure that one of the things on the plate was something that her picky child would eat. If they were having a main dish that she knew that child would not eat, she would make sure that she had rice with it because she new he would eat that. She also said this profound statement to her children at the dinner table one evening when some of them were complaining about dinner. She said "If you can eat your bugars, you can eat this!" Isn't it funny, the things children will put in their mouth, but you put vegetables in front of them and the turn up their noses!
My son is still picky, but he has learned to like many more things because I always offer new things instead of getting in a rut and feeding him only the same things that I know he likes. It took a lot of patience and prayer. One day when he was 7 years old he asked me, " Why did Heavenly Father make me a picky eater?" He was very serious and had tears in his eyes. I then learned that this was not his choice, and it wasn't something he wanted. I told him that we are all given obstacles in life and this was one of his trials that he would have to work to overcome. This seems like such a mole hill, but to him it is a mountain, just as any of our own trials.


Tamster said...

Thank you for those thoughts. I've been dealing with a picky 3-yr.-old lately, who is driving me nuts. Thanks for some new perspective! :-)

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Of my six sons, only my youngest is a picky eater. I just thought he was spoiled until I read your blog. Thank you so much for helping me see him from a different perspective. What a good parent you are.

Terri Ferran said...

I am a 45-year-old picky eater. It is a hard thing to deal with--constantly facing the embarrassment of being rude to your host or possibly throwing up the food when you try to force it down! Extreme? Yes! I have gotten better, but it is very difficult for me to eat at business lunches, formal dinners, or even Relief Society functions because there are so many foods I just cannot eat! I only wish chocolate turned my stomach instead of turning into my stomach!