Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What is Your Purpose?

Part of The Twelve Week Challenge is to find and begin fulfilling your individual purpose here on earth. I want to share with you today someone in my life who is fulfilling their current purpose in a very unique way. How do I know it is their purpose? Let me explain.

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I am a Grandmother of 27. If you have not had the pleasure of reaching the status of Grandparent, you might not understand yet that Grandchildren are magic. Take my word for it, they are. Last Friday was one of those special lifetime events I am privileged to share with you . The above picture is of my daughter and her family. Just to look at them you can tell they are exceptional as far as families run. Let me give you a little background.

Unfortunately my daughter was raised in a pet-less home. Having six children and a husband stretched my nurturing genes to the limit. I had no time or attention left to look after an animal. Jennie was my fifth of our six children. Somehow the fact that the children in our home were not allowed to have cats or dogs somehow escaped Jennie. Strays would follow her home, and she would do her due diligence to find their owner. When the owner didn’t show up, somehow the animals she found ended up staying with us. She had a special gift with animals. She was drawn to them and them to her. Somehow she was the only child I could not make the no pet rule stick. At a time of illness, Jennie requested a father’s blessing. In that blessing she was told that her earthly mission was very dear to Heavenly Father’s heart.

Years past and Jennie married a fine man. She and her husband lived on 2 1/2 acres where they raised draft horses, miniature horses, chickens, ducks, geese and a cow. Once she nursed an orphaned lamb round the clock. She even it took to the dental office where she worked so she could feed it every two hours. .As time went on, it became evident that Jennie would not be able to have her own children. She accepted this and felt that her mission might have to do with nurturing God’s animals. But this was not Heavenly Father’s plan. Opportunities to adopt came into her life in a most dramatic way. Jennie received about 3 minutes notice for the first child Heavenly Father sent to her. She never looked back. She instantly gave up her career to become a fulltime mom. Three other children came to her. I have watched Jennie blossom over the years as she learns the intricacies of parenting. Somehow Jennie received an extra dose of nurturing genes. Her love of animals remains strong. Along with her growing family she manages to care for a cat, a dog, a African Gray Parrot, various fish and a Monitor Lizard!

Last Friday as I mentioned was a day to celebrate. Gunner, their youngest child became officially theirs and ours.

Not everyone’s purpose is as obvious as Jennie’s. But I know that each of us has something special to do in this life. Something that is unique to us. Isn’t it time to start looking for or fulfilling yours?

Thank you for letting me share my “good news moment.” I’m cheering for you!


Marcia Mickelson said...

What wonderful news and beautiful children.

Christine Thackeray said...

That is so nice. I do think the Lord often guides children to their parents in miraculous ways when they can't come through birth. Congrats on a wonderful family.

Rebecca Talley said...

How wonderful for your whole family.

Tamster said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! They are a beautiful family and adorable children--especially the sweet baby!!! :-)

I have a brother and sis.-in-law who tried for several years and were unable to get pregnant. They were looking into adoption, and a friend's wife (who was an OB) had a patient who wanted her to find a home for her baby. She thought of them. They had just signed the papers to adopt this boy, just before he was born, and my sis-in-law found out she was pregnant. So the first two are 6 months apart, and she's had 3 more since then. He was supposed to be part of our family; that's all there is to it! The Lord works in mysterious ways! :-) What a blessing for your family!

Suzie Roberts said...

I feel your pain, I kept telling my kids that when our baby, the 4th child, was 3, we would get a dog. Then, surprise! We were expecting our 5th. My kids said, "Ahh, that means we can't get a dog". They have loved this baby even though it doesn't bark. I hope one day I will feel like I can feed and clean up after 5 kids and a dog, I know it is important for kids to have pets! What a gift your daugher has.