Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Adverb Home Evening

Ok, here’s an easy family home evening:

1. Get out the hymnbook.
2. Open to page 1, or any page you like.
3. Look at the upper left of any hymn, near the top. There should be an adverb: “resolutely,” “reverently,” “cheerfully,” etc.
4. Now that you know where to look, page through the hymnbook, reading the adverbs. Soon you’ll have a whole list of positive, but very different adverbs. Notice that they tend to cluster—a whole set of “resolutely,” “firmly,” “diligently,” followed by the “happily” family, and so on.
5. Sing your favorite hymns. Try to make them sound like the specified adverb.
6. Now think about yourself. Which of the adverbs describe you? Do many of them describe you, but at different times? Is it “better” to live “cheerfully” or “reverently”? Or are Heavenly Father’s children as varied and wonderful as the songs of Zion? Which adverbs would you like to incorporate more of into your life?
7. Have refreshments...Symphony bars?
POOF! Family home evening!

Please post further musical refreshments in the “comments” section. I’m drawing a blank.


Anne Bradshaw said...

What a brilliant idea! Thanks, Le Ann. This works for any age group, and any number of people.

I'd love to post it on my Family Home Evening blog at if you agree--noting you as the author, with a picture of your book, and a link to A Ton of Authors and a Wannabe, of course. Please let me know.

Tamster said...

Great idea! Thanks!
Sorry, but I can't think of any other "musical" candies either. :-)