Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Ego Is Old, Part Two

Last Friday at work, I was sitting at a meeting with close to twenty co-workers. We had an author there that was presenting to us, and he was doing a fine job. I was taking notes, really getting into what he was saying and then he said it.
He looked around the room, looking at each of us, and then he said "Back in 1948 he was on a military ship". Then he looked around the group again, and then he looked at me and said, "You and I are the only ones in the room that will remember 1948". OUCH...
Don't get me wrong, my mom was ten in 1948, so I am sure I didn't see 1948. I do know that for some reason I look really old.
It doesn't help that my wife, who is older than I, looks ten years younger than I do.
So, all of you people feeling old, remember, if you are 43 and people think you are 60, you still need to laugh about it.
I am a presenter at the Whitney Awards this weekend. I got a copy of the dialog between me and the other presenter. It has to do with HISTORICAL FICTION. So there are people older than people think I am...

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Christine Thackeray said...

The Chinese believe that your spirit has an eternal age that never changes. You know how some people just have old spirits? I think mine is about 13 no matter how old I get on the outside.