Thursday, March 20, 2008

Caution: Bathroom humor ahead!

I arrived back from Cancun last Sunday after a wonderful vacation. I went in on Monday for outpatient surgery that, while wasn’t too serious, was quite painful. One of my stops required filling a prescription for pain pills. At my doctor’s suggestion, I also looked for a pre-packaged enema (just in case).

I asked the young pharmacy tech if she knew where the enemas were and she said “What flavor did you want?”

I wondered what the choices could possibly be, but chose to clarify, “For an enema?”

She looked embarrassed when she realized her mistake and quickly pointed me to the correct shelf location. I finished my transaction but thought several times throughout the day. “Things could always be worse. Enemas could come in flavors!”

That’s it with the bathroom humor! I’m off to the writer’s conference to meet, listen, and learn. Ciao!


Shirley Bahlmann said...

Certainly something to think about! Perhaps flavored enemas would leave the... shall we say... toots more sweet. (Oh, my!)

Doug Johnston said...

Since we live in the same city, I think we must go to the same pharmacy. Is it on a corner? Do they speak in code. We need a code 40 in the pharmacy. (that means change) Why don't they just say, We need change in the pharmacy!