Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In Case of Lightning...

I'm Lee Ann Setzer, and I write books in the "Tiny Talks" series. On this blog, I'd like to contribute teaching tips and insights for working with--and enjoying!--Primary age children.

My children often help me see life, and the gospel, in unexpected ways. When my oldest son was small, one of his favorite books was The Way Things Work. He spent hours trying to understand electricity, and electromagnets, and how calculator keys work. Of course, he did not leave his newfound knowledge behind when he went to Primary.

One day after church, he was thinking hard. Suddenly, he announced,

"In a thunderstorm, the Iron Rod would conduct electricity!"

So, um, the moral is, when clinging to the rod, keep one eye out for lightning...?


Rebecca Talley said...

I love, love, love Primary.

Tamster said...

That's hilarious! Smart kid, though! Future scientist? :-)