Thursday, March 27, 2008


Doug Johnston

Most people that read this blog are writers or authors. At least one wannabe is a writer, and not an author.
I wrote a weekly column for 289 weeks in a row. Never missed one. That ended in November when the newspaper was sold.
I have won a lot of awards for that column and I REALLY miss writing that column. Not because of the awards, but because I thought I could help people think.
I had a saying about my column that went like this: I make some people laugh, some cry, but all of them think.
I think as writers, authors and just people in this tangled mixed up world, that we need to ask ourselves one thing? Who are we and who is it that we are trying to reach with our writings?
If you can answer that one, and work at it everyday, you will be successful, both as a writer, author, parent, or friend.


Rebecca Talley said...

I think you're absolutely right.

Christine Thackeray said...

My biggest difficulty is not who I'm writing to but who I am. If I could figure that one out, all sorts of things would be clearer.

Tamster said...

The only thing I am is a blogger! I guess you could consider that a writer, since it does involve writing. However, I am certainly no author, have never been published, and don't expect I ever will be--unless I end up making my blog into a book one day for journal purposes. I'm here initially because I got an e-mail from Cedar Fort about the blog. (I get their e-mails because I bought Marcia's first book.) I also am a college friend of Marcia Mickelson, so it's nice that she's one of the authors included here. Well, anyway, I enjoy everyone's thoughts on this blog, and it's kind of neat to read a blog that combines so many different perspectives on things from so many different people. Okay, so I'm no author--not even a wannabe--but we're all writers in one way or another, aren't we?! (I obviously write LOOOOONNGGG, drawn-out comments! ;-) Too long, probably.) We are each writing our story each day, aren't we?!

My problem isn't knowing who I am as much as it is becoming who I want to be! :-)

Thank you everyone for letting me invade all of you authors, writers, and wannabes! :-)

Abel Keogh said...

Have you thought about writing your column again -- only this time online. Start your own website and following. Maybe a seperate blog.

Something to think about.