Saturday, March 8, 2008

Applause From A Most Unexpected Source

When I'm not plotting or characterizing I'm still reading books at the local library during pre-school story hour. This past week our subject was the alphabet and how it spells our names. One of the books I chose to read had the charming old song that goes, "A," you're adorable, "B," you're so beautiful, "C," you're a cutie full of charm..." Of course I couldn't just read the words when the tune was haunting me from the back of my brain. Even though I wasn't 100% sure of the tune, I did my best to sing what I could remember, and ended joyfully on the final line of, "It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you to tell you what you mean to me."
Just as the final note drifted off to silence, a cute little girl with brushy horizontal pigtails sticking out behind her ears put her small hands together and clapped. Startled, I looked down into her adoring blue eyes staring up at me. Then I said, "Thank you," and gave a little bow.
I've been floating on that tiny bit of appreciation from a tiny little person for days.
So say something nice. Give a smile. Clap for someone. It doesn't hurt a bit, and it will help more than you imagine.
Shirley Bahlmann


Tamster said...

That's very cute! Kids can make you feel so good about yourself sometimes.
I wish I knew that whole song. I know the one you are talking about; I'm just not sure whether I've ever heard it all the way through or not. Good for you for singing it to them! :-)

Christine Thackeray said...

I love it! Last night I was at a leadership meeting and had finished covering the calendared items (and gone over time as usual.) As I was closing up, I mentioned that I had felt inspired earlier that afternoon to thank these woman for their service. I turned to the young mother who constantly sacrifices so much to attend every meeting even when its not convenient and thanked her but my mouth wouldn't stop and I detailed the admiration I felt for her faithfulness. Then I went to each sister in the room and specified the great gifts I had seen each sister offer to the ward as a whole. We finished (very late now) but the next day, rather than mention any other part of the meeting, the only thing they seemed to remember were my words of sincere praise. You are so right. Applause goes a long we and we should remember that more often.