Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Like Bread Pudding!

By Christine Thackeray

When Doug first told me about "A Ton of Authors and A Wannabe" I have to say I was a little bit skeptical. I mean I regularly visit the "Beautiful Bodacious Blogging Babes" and "Six LDS Writers and a Frog" and enjoy the variety that a handful of different writers bring to a single blog- but a TON of authors? I was worried it might be too much- too many minds trying to squeeze into the same space. But then I remembered BREAD PUDDING.

Years ago I served a mission in London and every Wednesday afternoon we would have bread pudding. Now you may think you have tasted bread pudding but the plain eggy gushy mess they serve in the states is nothing like the English version. The little bakery around the corner from us on George Street made a variety of pastries stuffed with jam, custard, chocolate or carmelized nuts. They made mince tarts, fresh turnovers and huge bear claws. The array in the window looked like a magazine cover. But the most wonderful confection of all was only served on Wednesday afternoons when they would take everything that hadn't sold during the week and chop it up in little bits, stir in egg to hold it together and bake it with a light topping of currants and raw sugar.

The result was sheer heaven. Every bite was a surprise of flavor, a swirl of lemon, a crunchy praline, a sweet burst of raspberry, all held together in a warm bready loaf. That's what I think this blog will be like. Each day will bring bright new surprises with ideas juxtaposed in new combinations. It's going to be great and I'm really excited... but a little hungry.


Tracy Winegar said...

I'm getting hungry too. Too bad something like that isn't on the order out menu!

Janet Jensen said...

Well, that was delicious! But I have also had excellent old fashioned bread pudding with a vanilla sauce to die for. Definitely a comfort food. What a great idea, though, to combine all the leftovers and make them into a wonderful pudding!

By the way, I just got home from an Aggie (Utah State University) basketball game, and my friend who sits next to me brought me some sourdough starter. I almost forgot to take it home with me and we laughed, thinking that if the crew cleaned the arena and saw the starter in a ziploc bag, they might call the bomb squad!