Monday, March 3, 2008

Finding Time to Write

By Rebecca Talley

I am the author of the recently released LDS novel, "Heaven Scent." I am also the mother of 10 active, talented, and creative children. My oldest is currently serving a mission in Italy and my next oldest is attending college. With 8 kids still at home, I find that my time is usually stretched to the limit. I'm rarely alone, and never have "too much time" on my hands. Truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way. I absolutely love having a large family, especially since I only have one sibling (who also has 10 children).

My older kids have discovered a love for theater so we generally have kids involved in one play or another. Last weekend, one daughter was performing in, "High School Musical," while another performed in, "The Real Inspector Hound." Other kids are involved in a performing choir, piano, Boy Scouts, Activity Days, the school choir, and cheer leading.

My youngest preschool-aged children seem to take fiendish delight in creating bigger messes every day. They scurry from one room to another dumping potted plants, removing all clothing from dressers, and throwing items into the toilet. Sometimes, I have to simply stop and applaud their creativity.

Of course, we have the Mt. Rushmore of laundry, dishes that multiply and replenish the earth when I'm not looking, and other cleaning that must occur to keep a family this large running somewhat smoothly.

We also raise goats that prefer daily meals so I have to factor in feeding them, Tina (our llama), and Nutmeg (our horse with an attitude).

Among all of this organized chaos, I must find time to write. I don't have a magic formula. I have to make the best use of the little time I have and can't waste any of it. Years ago, I wanted to learn to play the piano. I took lessons and learned to play some Primary songs and even performed in a recital. I also enjoyed knitting and crocheting and made baby booties, baby buntings, blankets, and socks. I redecorated our house several times. Unfortunately, I've had to put these activities on the back burner as I've become more involved in writing. (Actually, my husband is thrilled that I don't regularly redecorate the house anymore). I hope to someday pick these activities back up, but for now, I spend my little snippets of time writing.

I believe that we find time to devote to whatever it is that is important to us. My family and the gospel are of the utmost importance to me and come first, but I will give up a movie, TV, or other activities to write. I will devote my bits of time here and there between messes, activities, cleaning, scripture study, my church calling, and spending time with my family to becoming a better writer because it is important to me.


Emily Cushing said...

I love that you have ten kids! I just had my fourth and am in the "adjustment stage". I just adore our new little guy, though, so it makes it all worth it. I'm also glad to see that you still find time to write--very encouraging!

Danyelle F. said...


I totally agree with you. My church, family, and kids come first - and boy do they like to keep us busy. In the middle of all that, everyone finds time to do what they think is important. So many people ask me how I find time to write or speak to autism groups - my reply is "I don't watch TV." You know, they usually don't take me seriously until one day they start asking, "did you see such and such on last night?" or "have you seen the preview for this movie?" And I have absolutely no clue what they are talking about! The only shows I know on TV are on PBS - and that's only because I know what my kids watch!

Great blog!