Monday, March 3, 2008

The Weight Chain

Emily Cushing

Since last June I have gained forty pounds! Forty pounds! That equals a gain of over a pound a week! These pounds were gobbled down in the form of ice cream, cookies, and don’t forget my favorite, chocolate. Joyfully, seven pounds and one ounce of that weight was lost on Valentine’s Day in the form of my beautiful new little boy, Tyson.
Even though I knew I wasn’t going to be on the cover of “Healthy Pregnancy”, I still looked down at my bulging belly as I checked out of the hospital and thought, “What are you still doing here? The baby is out, you should be gone.” But alas, that is just not how it works. As many well-intended people have reminded me, “It took nine months to put on the weight; it could take just as long to get it off.”
However, in my case, I am not that patient. So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, because I am a firm believer that we need to share our good little secrets with one another. My secret is hanging behind my closet door. It is what I refer to as “The Weight Chain”. It is how I hoped to motivate myself into losing the remaining 31 pounds that were still lurking around. Here’s how it works. For each of the 31 pounds, I created a paper link. All of the links together form “The Weight Chain”. Each time I weigh myself and I have lost a pound, I get to rip off one of the links (and believe me, I do rip, then proceed to do a little victory dance as I tear it into pieces and toss the pieces into the garbage.)
As far as motivation goes, not only do I get to watch as “The Weight Chain” gets shorter, but behind every third chain is a “prize”. After I lost the first three pounds I earned myself a new pair of sunglasses, next three, socks. Nothing big, just a smiley face that says, “Congratulations! You’ve earned yourself a new pair of socks.” And guess what? It’s actually working. Only twenty-seven more pounds to go!
So I’m throwing this idea out there to any of you who may be in need of your own “Weight Chain”. Make one—they’re fun. After all, who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds, and at the same time, gain a new pair of socks?


Doug Johnston said...

Emily, what a great idea. When I was making up the name for this blog it was going to be A ton of authors and the fat guy. But I didn't want to offend me or anyone else that struggles with weight issues. I am going to make me a weight chain, and I will have to make the prizes non food items.

Marcia Mickelson said...

I like the idea of giving yourself little rewards. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I love visual things that show progress. Weight is such an issue with so many. It is nice to have a method that just shows positive results and doesn't record our setbacks! That is so good. I think it helps us to accept more where we are at and not condemn ourselves for not being perfect today! Even though we tend to dwell on our weight, our health is really the main issue. Using the chain to obtain our healthy weight is a great suggestion. Thanks!

Christine Thackeray said...

Emily, you've got to send this blog as is to lady's home journal or red book or a parenting magazine. Serious, it would sell. it's adorable. I'm making mine this afternoon.

Tamster said...

I think that is a fabulous idea! After 3 kids, let's just say that the "fat" that I thought I was when I got married I now think was "skinny." I currently weigh the most I have ever weighed non-pregnant. I'll have to give this a try.
Not to sound pessimistic, I do have some questions, though. I find that my weight fluctuates a lot. Do you add a link back on if you gain a pound back? Take away a reward? Or just keep it positive? How often do you weigh yourself? I don't think my scale is very accurate either, so that's another issue for me.
Anyway, thanks for the idea! :-)

Emily Cushing said...


Good questions! I only have an answer for one of them, though. I weigh myself every Thursday morning right after I wake up. I guess if you gain a pound back, you can add a link to the chain and then relive the joy of ripping it off again once the pound is lost. Any other suggestions?