Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ideas From Everywhere!

Most authors hear the question, "Where do you get your ideas?" The truth is, most authors I've talked to get their ideas from everywhere! Newspaper articles, people they see, bits of overheard conversation (not listening on purpose, mind you!) Even a joke can get the old creative ball rolling.
I once heard a joke that involved a dishtowel rolled up to look like a naked chicken. I laughed for two days, then went about writing a story ath brought the little bird more fully to its plight. I titled it, "When the Chicken Crossed the Road." Once I told it at a storytelling event. Afterward, a lady followed me to my signing table and asked me for the book!
Well, at the time, it was story, not a book, but I quickly remedied that situation. Now it's available, chicken rolling cloth included. I sold some at my last craft fair, because the fair goers couldn't stop laughing.
Do you want to generate more ideas for writing? Carry paper with you! Write down anything that strikes you as funny, odd, interesting, or even outrageous. Once you start paying attention, you'll get ideas every day. Some are better than others, so pick the best ones, and start writing!


J Scott Savage said...

Who can resist a story about a naked chicken? Then again, aren't most chickens naked? Maybe it would be more unusual to have a story about a chicken dressed in a pinstripe suit and one of those little bow ties that lights up and spins around?

Anne Bradshaw said...

Great blog, Shirley. Thanks for emailing and telling us all about it. I wouldn't have known this one existed if you hadn't done that. What a good PR person you are. I hope Cedar Fort realize what a treasure they have in you.

I'm adding this blog to my favorites list right now.