Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nonfiction is Not Boring

By Rebecca Talley

I also attended the LDStorymakers conference this last weekend and it was fantastic. Everyone was so energized and excited about writing. When I talk about writing my family usually gives me the, "Oh, no, she's going off on the writing tangent again" look (oops did I use the quote marks wrong?). But, at the conference, everyone loved talking about writing. It was great.

It was fun to meet other Cedar Fort authors. Next time, I think we should have a table together so we can all hang out and get to know each other better. And, I was glad to see that Doug buttoned his shirt correctly.

One of the classes I really enjoyed was taught by Jaime Theler and Shirley Bahlmann. It was about writing nonfiction and they both reiterated that nonfiction is not boring. Have you ever talked to Jaime or Shirley? Boring does not come to mind. Both of these women are so energetic and entertaining and they both write nonfiction. They offered great suggestions and ideas to all of us that attended the class. Shirley made me laugh several times, especially when she mentioned a market for people who want to write about outhouses, and I can so identify with her because I am also very tall. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and could've listened to Shirley and Jaime for hours because nonfiction is not boring.

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