Friday, March 14, 2008

And They Cheered for One Another!

Hi, Sidne again. In my last blog I promised I would explain how the concept of forming accountability groups came to me and how you can do the same. As I explained last time, learning to be a better wife, mother and daughter of God has been a lifetime pursuit. As my husband can testify, I am sort of a seminar junky. In search for solutions, several years ago I joined a course that offered a year of teleconference calls, materials etc. that were to help me progress. I was thrilled. I felt I had finally found my answer to permanent and lasting change. This was to be my year of growth. Of my own volition I began a journal listing each page as “day 1 of 365, day 2 of 365,” etc. On these pages I was going to record my own “mighty change.” How hopeful I was and how mistaken. By day 42 I was miserable and depressed. It seemed that I was not going anywhere. Any progress seemed to be short lived. As I was taking a shower that day, (it seems that inspiration often comes in the shower), it hit me like a ton of bricks. I needed a group to be accountable to. I called one of my dearest friends and asked her if she would like to transform her life in 365 days. Her answer was an enthusiastic yes! I asked about 7 other people and 5 of them said yes. This was the beginning of a wonderful exciting journey of true transformation for all of us. I will leave you today with an excerpt from the book, “The Twelve Week Challenge.” This tells you what happened that year. You can duplicate the same type of true success in your life along with helping others to do the same by asking some frinds to join you in a journey of transformation by following the principles outlined in "The Twelve Week Challenge." I am cheering for you!

And They Cheered for One Another
By Sidne O’Reilly, Edith O’Reilly Morris, and Jennie O’Reilly Sheperd

In memory of Yldra Taylor

Once upon a year, six women
Not very much alike
Met together every week

Some were bold, one was meek.
Some were short, one was tall.
Some large and some small.
Some were married, one was not.
All yearned for more in their life’s lot.

Some were old, one was young,
But for all, their journey had just begun.
Although different when apart,
Together they became one of heart.

They set goals and reported back.
This was how they stayed on track.

When someone achieved
They all cheered
Until each one felt revered.

When someone did not reach their goal,
The group would brainstorm
With heart and soul.
This is how they found solutions
And worked together for resolutions.
They had ideas together
And they cheered for one another!

Placing God at their center,
With Christ as their mentor,
They found peace and serenity
As they discovered their true identity.

Each prayed and searched the scriptures,
Thus they found living waters to fill their empty pitchers.
They rejoiced together,
And they cheered for one another!

With their weekly lesson,
They learned to think with more discretion.
Some bettered their health, some lost weight,
While others overcame depression,
And they cheered for one another!
Relationships were enriched
Families became dearer . . .
Priorities were switched,
And they cheered for one another!

They managed their money with new skills
And had fewer problems paying their bills.
They learned what the scriptures say about riches
And understood better the story of the loaves and the fishes.
They shared with each other
And they cheered for one another!

They discovered with their new vision
That for each God has a special mission.
Hidden talents bloomed unique to each one.
They found greater purpose before they were done.
And they cheered for one another!

With priorities straight and a faith-filled foundation,
They discovered the means to make a donation.
They collected books and clothed dolls for an orphanage in Mozambique
While they were making things better for others, their lives
reached a peak.
Together they gave
And they cheered for one another!

And when someone was burdened with a heavy load
From each heart a plea naturally flowed
By name each prayed for the other
And they cheered for one another!

When a woman was
Overwhelmed they “barn raised.”
If you saw what they did, you would be amazed!
Once they painted a wall.
All for one and one for all,
They served each other,
And they cheered for one another.

They mourned when one of the women
Lost her daughter in Iraq,
Comforted with the knowledge that in
The eternities she would get her back,
And they cried with one another.

Six women not very much alike rejoiced, cheered,
Shared, gave to others,
Prayed, had ideas, served and shed tears
And when the year had come to the end,
They found a new sister,
Not just a friend.
And they loved one another.

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