Friday, March 7, 2008

The Ticket and a Lesson

I have a good friend and one of my favorite columnists and authors, Joseph (Joe) Walker. He writes a weekly column called ValueSpeak, is a Deseret Book author, and works at Mormon Times for Deseret Morning News.

Joe lives in what used to be the little town of American Fork, Utah. I pass it every day on my way to and from work. Tonight on my way home, I found out that my wife would be home very late from work, so I decided to stop in the much bigger American Fork than the last time I stopped there. I got off of the exit, looking for somewhere to find something to eat, and drove a few hundred yards to the east of the exit, and proceded to enter Target's parking lot. As I made the turn, I noticed there was a strange V in the entrance of the parking lot, and I had to make a quick turn and made it into the parking lot. As I got into the parking lot, I saw Target in the front of me and a very nice newer Ford Mustang in my rear view mirror. It had really nice red and blue lights on the top, and they were well lit.

I pulled over, got a ticket, and was so upset that I never even stayed in the city more than five minutes.

What did I learn from the American Fork incident. That I could pay the ticket, fight it in court or attend drivers educaton class. I will do the drivers education class in American Fork. So Joe, many years ago, you told me that the next time I was in American Fork to give you a call and you would buy me a Chocolate Shake at Walkers Gas Station. I will be there in a few weeks, for an hour and a half, learning why for the last 27 years I have never got a ticket for driving into a parking lot, even when it had a sign like the one in this blog photo. OOOPS

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