Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Volkswagon Summer Post #7

Kimberly Jensen

I couldn't stop them from skating into the driveway. My mom has always been friendly to the neighborhood kids and was many of my friend's favorite mothers, but I always cringed when she opened her mouth, sure she was going to say something to the boys that would surely embarass me. "Hey boys, do you know my daughter," as I walked up the sidewalk, hoping to slip behind the tree and into the house without being noticed. "Hey," they said in unison. "Hey" I said back hoping that my mom would go back to her business and leave me alone. I wasn't so lucky. She took them for a tour of the garage sale, picking up items she thought young boys would be interested in such as; stereo speakers, old 8-track tapes, my brother's old tennis shoes. Thank goodness she didn't pick up anything of mine to show them. They politely declined my mother's sales tactics and scooted out of the driveway. Day one of my mother's garage sale was coming to a close and that meant just three more days until we left our annual vacation to the California Coast.

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