Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tagged, Dazed & Confused

by Terri Ferran

I was tagged a few days ago. I was dazed and confused a few days ago and that condition has not abated! I've just become a granny for the second time on Monday (Tayvree Lynn 9 lb 1 oz, 21 in) and have been taking care of little Alivia Belle who is 2 1/2 (aka Hurricane Alivia).

I've put off responding to the tag because I couldn't follow the rules--meaning I don't know who to tag! So you get the facts and I guess I'm breaking the chain (gasp!)

1. My name is Terri. My siblings are Gary, Sherry, Carrie, Barry, & Jerry. My mom's name was Mary and Sherry married Harry!
2. I hate pickles and all things vinegar; love diet Coke and all things chocolate.
3. I grew up in a town called Dinosaur.
4. I am a licensed CPA without a degree.
5. I was 45 when my first novel was published.
6. I've been poked in the eye with a sharp stick.
7. I am a convert to the Church.

I had an awesome writing week last week, cranking out 10,000 words. I've just been cranky this week. The fount of inspiration has dried up! But I have Tayvree and Alivia (and can send them home when I'm done with them)! Hurray for granny-hood!

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