Monday, April 21, 2008

May 15th: An Answer To Everything

May 15th: An Answer to Everything

By Kimberly Jensen

It seems the older I get, the more questions I have. When I was 16 years old I thought I had most of the answers; when I was 25 I thought I knew where to find most of the answers. I turned 41 over the weekend and I realize I don't have any of the answers. However, my son has the answer for just about anything and I marvel at his simplicity. My son Bennett has Autism and I love how literal everything is to him. If you say, "It's raining cats and dogs," he says "where?" and he is actually looking for cats and dogs. If you say "keep off the grass" he will ask "which piece of grass and for how long?" and if you ask him not to pull the dog's hair, he will say "which hair" and pull the one he didn't pull before. He also has a pat answer for everything. If you ask him how old he is, he says, "May 15th," If you ask him his address he says "May 15th," and if you ask him what his birthday is, he will say, "May 15th." On this answer, he is right. So when he answers "May 15th," it means he is finished answering your question and you can now go away and leave him alone. He doesn't elaborate and he won't take another question. He's given you the answer and that it that. Don't you wish we all could be so simple and give a quick pat answer and have the rest of the world (even teenagers) just deal with the answer, whether they like it or not and move on. What would your answer be? I think Jesus has the best answer of all, "Love One Another."


Lee Ann Setzer said...

"look under things"

It was my mom's answer to everything, and her mom's before her, and I'm pleased to hear my children starting to say it to each other.

Mary Stosich said...

I am again in awe of your comments. Your blog is a relief of humor, truth, acceptance and understanding. I have got to get your book.