Saturday, April 26, 2008

7 Things

By Rebecca Talley

I've posted 7 things about me on my personal blog, but I'll post 7 more here (unless I really am as boring as my kids say I am and can't think of 7 more).

1. I love ice cream. My favorite flavor is Chocolate Seduction--doesn't the name just tell you how great it is? I could eat it every night for dinner.

2. When I was a little girl I was exploring a big rock at the beach. I didn't notice the tide come in until sea water surrounded me. I started screaming my head off because I thought I was stranded. My mother came and rescued me (I'm sure she was embarrassed at how much I was screaming). And, the water was only ankle-deep.

3. I love to take pictures. Thank goodness for the invention of the digital camera (the cost of developing film was breaking me). I usually have my camera with me and take thousands of shots each year. My kids always complain when I make them take family photos each year (my husband actually hates it the most) but I ignore all of them and make them sit through shot after shot until I find one I like.

4. I'm very tall. I've always been tall. It was a bummer being so tall at the dances during junior high because all of the boys were so short, especially the cutest ones.

5. While at BYU, my roommate and I bought mistletoe one year from some kids at the grocery store. We promptly went back to our apartment and made a bet to see how many guys we could kiss under our mistletoe. Who won? My lips are sealed.

6. I don't can. I never learned how. I'd be a complete failure at being a Mormon pioneer woman. (That's why I wasn't born back then). I don't quilt, either.

7. I was inducted into the National Honor Society at BYU during my freshman year. Since then, I've lost all the brains I ever had while raising my kids. (I'm quite sure that each time I delivered a baby they secretly performed a lobotomy and sucked out part of my brain--I have 10 kids).


Christine Thackeray said...

You don't look like you love ice cream. That's a good thing.

Carlene Duda said...

I don't quilt either. I could never understand why someone would want to take perfectly good material, cut it up into pieces only to sew it back together again. Call me, we can do ice cream together sometime.

Marsha Ward said...

Rebecca, it's fun to learn more about you. My ice cream love affair shows readily on my shorter frame, I'm afraid.