Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I admit it: I'm a complainer

Lisa McKendrick

In the church we do not aspire to callings. No one I have ever known has run a campaign to be bishop. Ward greeter maybe, but never bishop. But here’s one way of knowing for absolute sure that a person you know is going to get a huge calling, other than the fact that they’re worthy: their spouse never complains. I don’t know about you, but when the leaders of our church talk about their wives at conference I always feel guilty, and extremely confident that my husband will never have a parking pass at the church offices. Why? I’m a complainer.

It’s really too bad for my husband, Rich. I think he would have enjoyed being a general authority, but it never would have worked, because when it came time for him to express his love for his "sweetheart" (me) in conference he wouldn’t have been able to say that in all the years he has served in the church "she has never once complained." Rather, he would have had to say something like this, "I love my wife. She’s wonderful, and only huffs and says, "What took so long?" when meetings run extra long." I don’t think the church is ready for that.
But it’s the truth, I am a complainer. It’s irritating to me that tonight, for instance, my husband missed dinner and was in stake meetings until ten and, you guessed it, when he walked through the door he was greeted with a "What took so long?" Of course, I don’t complain about some things. I’ve never once complained about how clear his priorities are, that he loves his Savior and tries to follow His example. Nope, that’s never been a problem for me. I’ve also never complained about what a devoted husband and father he is, shuffling his work schedule at times during the day to help me meet all of our kids' commitments. I’ve also never complained about his worthiness to lay his hands at any time on my head or our children’s heads and give a priesthood blessing. Honestly, stuff like this has never earned him a scathing glance.

I guess what it comes down to is that I’ve never really been good at math, and so I’m slow to put two and two together: Rich serves because he loves the Lord, and that service carves even deeper into his soul a commitment to live His gospel which equals wonderful husband and wise father for our family. Of course, when it’s spelled out like that who could complain? Um, probably me, the next time a meeting runs long.


Suzie Roberts said...

I feel your pain, your husband sounds like mine. My husband is the EQ president, which doesn't take too much time because he is really organized, but he also thrives on service. He is always finding ways to serve which I love, but I am also a complainer sometimes. Being home with 5 kids and homework and bedtimes, that's when it gets hard. I love him and you are right, so many times in the middle of the night I've asked for blessings for me or one of the kids and I think, boy am I greatful I was able to have him do that rather than call a home-teacher at 1:00 am. Ya Gotta love em!
Suzie Roberts

Marcia Mickelson said...

I'm a complainer too. Our lawn often goes neglected because my husband is out on Saturdays helping with something.

I've just learned to not mind having the worst lawn on our street. Just hope the neighbors don't complain.

Lee Ann Setzer said...

I loved this! Thank you!