Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting Straight A's in College

Lyman Rose

I just thought I would talk a bit about my new book that will be coming out next month. It is a guide on how to get straight A's in college. It is brief and yet quite effective. There are just a few simple steps to take to insure that you are on the right track.

One of the steps is to take careful notes and take them in the language of the professor. Don't try to put it in your own words. Instead, use your professors words and remember them that way. Then, when the test comes and you have an essay portion, you say it like the professor said it. If there are two answers that have basically the same content but one is in the professors words and one is in the students words, the professor will tend to give the higher grade to the answer that is in his (the professor's) words because he understands it more clearly. After all, he (the professor) said it!

If you know anyone in college, let them in on this little secret and it will help them. If you want to help them further, get them a copy of my book when it comes out next month.



Rebecca Talley said...

My daughter is in college--I'll share this secret with her.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Another perspective: when I was teaching at the university level, I always looked for the original answers - - - and when I'd return the test to the class, I'd ask the students who wrote the best answers to read them aloud. That gave them some recognition and also squelched complaints by others, who realized what the "best" answers were.