Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Huge Hook

Emily Cushing

In June I am running in the Wasatch Back. It is a 175 mile relay race from Logan to Park City. On KSL’s television show Studio 5 they are going to spotlight a participant who is running in the race. It has to be the runner’s first time running the race and the runner must be running the race to lose weight. I fall under both of these categories. Therefore, I am being considered as one of the people they may spotlight. I have to admit, I think it would be really fun to be on the show; however, how much more fun would it be if I were going on the program to promote my book?

So fellow authors, that leads me to a question. If I get chosen, would it be terribly inappropriate if, in the middle of the segment, I discreetly pulled out a copy of my book One Heart, Many Voices and said, “Yeah, yeah, I’d love to lose twenty pounds, but more importantly, is there anyone out there who is looking for a great Mother’s Day gift? If so, One Heart, Many Voices is the perfect gift for you…..” How many seconds do you think I would get before a huge hook dragged me off the stage? I wouldn’t kick or scream. I would just continue to smile and hold up the book until I disappeared out of camera’s view. Because after all, isn’t any publicity good publicity?”

So that leads me to my second question. What are some good, interesting, or creative things that you have done to help promote your book? I figure with 22 of us, we may learn some good new promotion tactics, tactics that hopefully don’t involve a huge hook.


Janet Kay Jensen said...

Tell them beforehand that you have written a book. They'll be happy to work it in, I thik. Best of luck!


Carlene Duda said...

I wouldn't pass up the opportunity if I had it. Let them know and go for it. I'll bet you will think of a great way to work it in.

Suzie Roberts said...

I think they will be very happy to mention and show your book. What a fun thing you are doing!