Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deal or No Deal

Suzie Roberts

Saturday morning, my cute hubby got up and decided he was going to go to R.C. Willey and wait in line with 6000 people whom he didn't know. He is a big fan of the show Deal or No Deal, and they were having open casting. I thought about what my day would be like without him. My oldest son had a soccer game at 10:00 which meant I would have to have my other 4 children up and ready (on a Saturday) by 9:30. We made it to the soccer game, which they won, and got my oldest daughter to softball practice. My other son had a birthday party to be to at noon. The plans for the day were supposed to be to work in the yard. We are trying to sell our house and we have used every extra minute getting the yard perfect. I finally got out to the yard, thinking about my Dave sitting, doing nothing while I worked my tail off all day. He called me periodically throughout the day and I would just chuckle at the thought of him sitting there. After he had been in line for 8 hours, he finally got his 20 seconds. He called me after and said "Well that was a waste of time". I was about to say "I could have told you that", when he continued "because now I have to come down Tuesday for an audition!". He got chosen, among approximately 80 other people out of 6000. He seemed suprised, but anyone who knows my husband is not. He is a energetic, charismatic, and funny. He is a hoot to be around. He auditioned Tuesday and they say if he is chosen, he will get a call maybe in the next year, if not, he will just never get a call. I decided it was worth not having him around Saturday for him to maybe realize what a great guy he is! I love him!


Anne Bradshaw said...

So be sure to tell us if the call comes, then we can watch for a Dave Roberts. I rarely see the show, but I would if I knew someone--kind of :-)

I just blogged yesterday about another Dave. Dave Wolverton/Farland. He's doing an ongoing free writers' course by email. Well worth checking out, no matter how long you've been writing.

Nancy Moyle said...

Suze -

Loved the blog. I finally figured out how to find your stuff on here. Thanks for everything you do for me. You rock!

Josi said...

Hey you, I didn't know you were on this blog, how did I not know that? I keep hearing from people that have seen your book and asked if I knew the other author that lives around here. Know her? I've made her dinner and she's made mine. Super cool about Dave, he'd be great on the show.

Emily said...

Love it! You guys are so great!