Thursday, April 24, 2008

Short poem for petite people

JoAnn Arnold

Kammi, and all who are petite. When I was a little girl, my mother taught me a poem because people would always say, "Oh, she's so tiny. (Right!) It goes like this:

I met a little elf man once,
Down where the lilies grow.
I asked him why he was so small,
And why he did not grow.
He slyly winked and with his eye,
He looked me through and through.
"I'm quite as big for me," said he,
"As you as big for you."

Through the years I've had to recite that poem, now and again.


Doug Johnston said...

I have a daughter that is 5 foot 2, and my mom used to be 5 foot 0, but she is now 4 foot 9. I love short people.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Is there a poem for six foot tall women?

Janet Kay Jensen said...

JoAnn: My mother used to read that poem to me when I was a little girl. And a little girl I stayed. I am the shortest of her 3 children (all girls) at 5' 1 1/2". I hope I haven't shrunk any since I was last measured, but I am a woman of "a certain age." Once I was with my 2 sisters, who are both an inch or so taller than I am, and we were trying to decide who should sit in the back seat of a small car. I said "that's easy, who has the shortest legs?" and then we burst out laughing because without a measuring tape, who'd know? Let's hear it for short people, indeed! And by the way, could you reach that jar on the shelf for me?

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Shirley: there must be a poem that praises tall, willowy women like you who can look tall men right in the eye! That's the biggest frustration, got me when I'm dealing with tall men (who are also in authority) and we're both standing up. I feel at a real disadvantage. But tall women, hey, they're great.

Kammi Rencher said...

I love the poem! I'm (as I like to say) approaching 5'1"(which is a good way of avoiding confessing how short I really am). My whole family is short, though, except for my youngest brother (who towers above the rest of us). I'm taller than my mom and a lot taller than either of my grandmas, so I actually didn't get the short end of the stick when it came to genetics in my family. :)

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Kammi, I'm the very shortest. My father was about 5'8" and my mother about 5'5", and my tallest sister is 5'3" or so. So we didn't even surpass our parents.

On the other hand, each of my three sons was sooooooooooo smug when he was taller than Mom.


Kimberly Jensen said...

Make sure you purchase "Always the Elf" by me. It celebrates the gifts of short people!