Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Got Tagged?

By Sidne O'Reilly

Doug tagged me so I get to explain seven facts about myself and tag seven others –

Here goes:

I have lived in American Fork, Utah for 4 years. (Three of those years we shared a home with my daughter and son-in-law and their four children I talked about in an earlier blog.)
I spent 5 weeks in the hospital for depression 20 years ago. I became depression free a couple of years later.

I was one of the hidden homeless for a year. ( I will explain that in a blog one day.)

I am married to a wonderful man, Leonard, who plays the vibraharp and sings in the Mendelssohn’s Men’s chorus. (This is the oldest chorus in Utah besides the Tab.

I am currently re-working on “The Positive Peer Group – A Leadership Training for Teens.” This program is compliments “The Twelve Week Challenge” which is currently in print.

I have taken 30 credit hours towards a degree in Alternative Energy. I was in my fifties taking classes like construction I and II. The only female in many of my classes. One day I will explain my passion for this subject also.

I am collecting widow’s mite stories. These are stories of people who have very little who somehow manage to share, do things or raise money for others. If you know of one please forward it to

Doug this was actually fun! Thanks for the opportunity.

Here are who I am tagging:

http://thrumechelleslens.blogspot.com/ - Mechelle's Blog

http://tristipinkston.blogspot.com/ --Tristi Pinkston

http://choosetowrite.blogspot.com/ - Heather Burguess Justesen

http://www.authorsincognito.com/ - Darvell Hunt

http://www.blogger.com/profile/23684703 - Karen Hoover

http://josikilpack.blogspot.com - Josi Kilpack

http://ldspaz.blogspot.com/ - G. Parker


Doug Johnston said...

You got some explaining to do after reading those seven items.

Tracy Winegar said...

I would have picked you if Doug hadn't first!!

Tamster said...

You've piqued our curiosity! :-)