Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Got Tagged Too

By Tracy Winegar

I got tagged. Let’s see, so many strange and bizarre facts it’s hard to choose from them all, but I’ll at least attempt to.
1. I had plastic surgery. At the tender age of nine I had my ears pinned back. Fortunately for me they had such a surgery because I was sick of answering to Dumbo.
2. I played Coco in the play FAME, changing my physical appearance from strawberry blond to black hair and pale white skin to bronze. No one recognized me.
3. I can touch my nose with my tongue. I can also roll it, fold it, and flip it.
4. I wear socks ALL the time, even to bed. (Only exception being the shower) If I don’t have a clean pair I panic.
5. After taking the sixth grade class to a Shakespeare play which ran over, a parent called the police on me for being late. The first and hopefully last time I had a run in with the law.
6. I have a wretched singing voice. I’ll sing in my kitchen but not anywhere public.
7. I have always wanted to garden but unfortunately I have a black thumb. I kill everything.

I tag:
Marcia Mickelson
Kimberly Jenson
Suzie Roberts


Marcia Mickelson said...

Tracy- how funny. I'm really bad at singing and gardening too. Both are things I wish I could do well. About the socks, I'm the complete opposite. I only wear socks maybe 20 days out of the year (other than when I go jogging and immediately take them off when I get home.) I prefer sandals, and luckily I live in Texas, so I can go without socks most of the year.

I was tagged and did my post on my blog--

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I understand about the black thumb thing. My dad doesn't get that a green thumb is NOT hereditary, although, my luck is getting a little better. Last year we planted carrots in the garden and only were able to harvest five of them. Five measly carrots for all that work!