Thursday, April 10, 2008

Losing It

by Shirley Bahlmann
We want to look good when we have book signings and public appearances to meet our readers, don't we? I work best with a goal in mind, and I was only trying to motivate myself when I challenged my husband, Bob, to a weight loss contest.
I don't know what possessed me. I must have been as full as a stuffed turkey when I did it.
"Let's see who can lose 20 pounds first," I said.
Bob raised one eyebrow. "What does the winner get?"
A cream filled Boston Cream pie came to mind, but before the words reached my mouth, I realized it was a counter-productive reward. Hm. What would be worth losing weight for?
Then it hit me. "Whoever wins gets to pick the tile for our kitchen when we remodel," I said.
I think Bob nodded. Maybe he lowered his head to his hand, but I turned away so fast I can't be sure.
We started out on even ground. But three days ago, I caught Bob cheating. Can you believe it? He caught some kind of germ that made him so sick he couldn't keep anything down for two days.
Today, he announced cheerfully, "I lost eight pounds."
Maybe I'll tell him he needs to lose 28 pounds to my 20. It's only fair.


Emily Cushing said...

Guys are too lucky when it comes to weight loss. My grandma and grandpa entered an assisted living center. They would eat the exact same meals everyday and in addition, my grandpa would eat a bowl of cereal each night. The first two months he lost three pounds and she gained four. Not fair!

Doug Johnston said...

After being a presenter at the Whitney Awards. I saw a photo of myself and told myself that I would lose 75 pounds by the next Whiney Awards.
If anyone wants to join me, just email me.

Terri Ferran said...

I think the contest should be 2:1 For every two pounds he loses, you have to lose one. So that makes 40 for him! Haha! That'll teach him to cheat!

Tamster said...

Doug, do you have a plan? How are you going to do it? I hope not a lot of cheating like he did. ;-) Seriously, I would love to lose 75 pounds in the next year, but I know that I do not have the self-discipline or self-control to do it. I do need to do something, though! Wow! 75 pounds would get me back to high school volleyball weight, and I thought I was fat then! :-)

Doug Johnston said...

Ok, Tamster. I looked at your blog, and was going to tell you that we don't know each other, other than this blog. I will start a blog with you, and we will talk about losing 150 pounds together... email me if you think you would like to do it.

David J Stitt said...

I agree that the men should have to lose twice as much in the long run.