Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Family Dinner

By Mary Stosich

Although I had spent hours preparing the best food I knew how, including rolls, pies and mashed potatoes, I had never met even one of our seven, unusual dinner guests until just a few days ago. This was not the typical dinner party with friends, ward members or business colleagues, but instead, brothers and sisters—fellow citizens of the household of God from Australia.

During his LDS mission in Australia, my husband, Al was instrumental in sharing the gospel message with the Tremacchi family. Thirty-seven years later, Al—formerly known and loved as Elder Stosich, the once twelve-year-old boy who is now a stake president and his sister shared an emotional reunion of spiritual commonality powered by gospel of Jesus Christ.

As for the rest of the Aussie family and myself, we were also conscious of the great events of baptism that opened the gate wide for life-defining conversion and temple covenants. We all shared exquisite, unspeakable joy. Lives that had been otherwise separated by countries, oceans and the spans of time, were instantaneously melded together in rich bonds made possible through the memories of missionary labors and love. The future—even the distant future could hold more of these reunions for each of us!

What price am I willing to pay for other brothers and sisters who are presently missing at the dinner table? Tonight I am just itching for a missionary experience again. Do any of you feel the same way?

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Suzie Roberts said...

My mom was also a convert from Australia, (Perth). If it weren't for those wonderful missionaries, where would I be now, probably searching for the truth!
Suzie Roberts