Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Goldendoodle, the Non-Shedding, Shedding Dog

Our Goldendoodle, the Non-Shedding, Shedding Dog

By Kimberly Jensen

It was a cold February day and the skies threatened another storm, but that didn't stop my family or my neighbor's family from piling into the car for a road trip. Sometimes I have no idea how I get roped into things but I do, and I think I agreed to this one. My neighbor and good friend Lisa had called that very morning saying she had found Goldendoodle puppies on the internet and they were just a short three hours away (yes, it is a mix of a golden retriever and standard-sized poodle) So we drove three hours south with five kids in the car to go check out puppies. I had just said "I will think about it" less than 12 hours before when my kids asked if they could get another dog. I had several requirements; it wouldn't be a yap-yap dog, the kids would take care of it, clean up after it and feed it and it couldn't be a breed that shed. So we arrived at the puppy mill-yes it just like the ones you see on a raid on 60 minutes-and we fell in love with a fat little guy. We selected him and two weeks later he came to our house to live full time. One year later he is 75 pounds and has turds about as big as our neighbor's weiner dog. He slobbers, he sleeps on my pillow and thinks he is a lap dog, and he sheds! But you should see his face! So I deny that I ever agreed to this monster-sized dog and I refuse to clean up after him or feed him, but when nobody else is around I fuss over him like a newborn baby. Shhhh....don't tell my family that I love him to balls and all!


Carlene Duda said...

I totally understand. I was away at BYU Women's Conference and came home to a four month old white fluffy bichon puppy. My husband had it flown from Idaho to Washington and the kids had four days to attach to it. The first thing I said was, "I will not get attached to that thing." Well, actually that was the second. You might guess what my gut reaction was. Two years later he is 12 lbs. and the love and irritant of my life. When the kids are all at school, we have cuddle time.

Alison Palmer said...

I have almost the same problem. I bought the darn dog for my kds with the conditions that the thing be small, cute, non-yippie,and a non-shedder that I wasn't allergic to. Well- we did pretty well except somewhere along the line Penny caught on to the fact that everyone else in the family called me mommy,yep the dog thinks I'm mommy. She barks to protect the yard from sqirrels, birds, and neighbors,barks even more viscously when someone comes to the door, then runs away piddling if you call her on it. Oh and once she lost her puppy coat she just kept shedding. I'm currently typing this one handed because she's draped over my shoulder like a baby, sleeping and shedding all over me. At least she stayed small but I think that's avery unfair trade-off!

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Well, that is an absolutely irresistible doggy face. What a sweetheart - and the way they give us unconditional love! I don't know what I'd do without my two mutts.

Kit J said...

Ha Ha Kimberly..that was I come to the MACS lunch wondering if I want to get a trained dog for Mitko and now I am really wondering....I liked the part about the turds..ha ha
Kathy J

Adina P said...

He's adorable. I have two labradoodles and the biggest one of mine is 85 close to your doodle's size.

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