Monday, April 14, 2008

I am Really Old Now!

Doug Johnston

I knew someday I would have to face this day. One of my children would be getting married. On Saturday, this will happen. He isn't my oldest child, and he is not the one that I thought would be the first one to tie the knot.
Nick, (I named him while shaving) Johnston. If you don't get that, think about it.
Nick has always been different, in a good sort of way.
I came home from the store when he was 12 and he showed me that he had pierced his ears. He was so proud. I was not. I made him take those ugly things out of his ears. He told me that when he turned 18 he would get them pierced again. He did. And he made them bigger and bigger. But choose my battles.
He spent Saturday remodeling his grandmas house. I invited all five of my children. He is the only one that either didn't ask what was in it for them, or made an excuse of why they couldn't be there. We had fun, and chatted, and bonded.
Even if he is making me old by getting married. And those earrings... I have learned to live with them, and he has learned to live with me as a father.
It is the circle of life.


Rebecca Talley said...

Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!

Kimberly Jensen said...

Congrats! The are a beautiful couple. Your son sounds like he will make a fabulous husband..and a father one day that will choose his battles wisely.

Tracy Winegar said...

What a cute couple.

Kammi Rencher said...

Doug. You are NOT old! No matter what anybody says. :) And congrats on your son's wedding. They are a cute couple.

Doug Johnston said...

Thanks. And believe it or not, I actually had hair like his one day a long time ago.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Congratulations! Your family will never be the same - but then we're always changing. Hope the wedding goes well. Maybe, a few years from now, you will even be a grandpa - I just posted a pic of our little granddaughter on my blog and what a joy she is. It sounds like you're handling all of this very well - and they are indeed a handsome couple.