Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Cake of Mormon

The Cake of Mormon

by Lee Ann Setzer

Woohoo! We are on the glacially-slow-but-consistent plan for reading the Book of Mormon in our family, and we have just finished reading another book! We always celebrate with a cake, which the kids decorate with Legos. Looking past the Star Wars trappings (there are no Book of Mormon Legos), can you tell which Book of Mormon moment our cake depicts? Extra credit for chapter and verse.

Yep! It's Samuel the Lamanite (or else Anakin the Lamanite. Possibly Samuel the Jediknight...) If you look closely, he's poised to do an elegant backflip off the wall. In Helaman 16: 6-7, when the wicked people see that they can't hit Samuel with bows and arrows, they command their captains to go up and get him. "And as they went forth to lay their hands on him, behold, he did cast himself down from the wall, and did flee out of their lands..." Nothing about super battle droids, though--we read those between the lines.


Anne Bradshaw said...

Um . . . Samuel the Lamanite on the wall?

Christine Thackeray said...

Or it could be Noah on the garden tower- but there was only one guy with a sword.

Or is it the war chapters in Alma.

Very curious. I love this idea!

Tamster said...

Maybe I'm just having a hard time getting past the Star Wars figures. I thought about Samuel the Lamanite, too, but I didn't think they got up there with him but rather were shooting arrows at him, and I thought he got away. So I'm thinking not. Yeah, I don't know. I'm baffled.

Cute idea, though! What a fun way to motivate your family! :-)

Rebecca Talley said...

Hilarious--so like my kids. My son is always doing things like this. He last made a family watching General Conference complete with a Lego guy inside the TV. He loves Legos.

Very creative.

Kammi Rencher said...

That's too cute! I've heard of doing this, and I want to try it with my children...when I get to that point. :)

Janet Kay Jensen said...

I love the cake! How creative! Can't wait to see the next one!