Friday, April 18, 2008

Signing advice, plz

Janet Jensen
I will be signing on May 1 at the BYU Women's Conference. This will be my first experience on the BYU campus since . . . . I don't know, maybe a football game 10 years ago? Anyway, can you experienced people tell me what to expect, where to park, etc. and other hints about a successful signing? I plan to have bookmarks and Hershey's hugs and kisses to give out (well, my book IS about marriage) and business cards . . . . . any other advice would be most appreciated.


Rebecca Talley said...

Good luck, Janet. I hope you sell a bazillion books :)

Josi said...

Ooooo, Women's conference is an awesome signing opportunity. The bookstore is located in the same building as the cafeteria, so it's a busy place with lots of foot traffic. I would definately have a flier on hand that you can hand out as people walk by, be prepared to stand up so they see you. Plenty will pass by, but, especially if you have food, many will stop to chat about it. Prepare a one sentence description and what works great is to hand them a book while you explain it. You're a lot more likely to sell the book if they hold it than if they just look at it.
You'll likely be at a table with another author and might have a sign with your name hung from the ceiling above you (I asked to take mine home cause I'm that kind of nerd)
As for parking, I can picture it--but I don't know the campus well enough to explain.

Best of luck, it will be a ton of fun.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Thanks, josi - - - - I do have a flyer as well as bookmarks and business cards, so I'll bring them as well. And I'll remember to stand up! Maybe my brand new GPS system (hubby gave it to my for my birthday) will help me to find a parking spot?


Lee Ann Setzer said...

The Museum of Art usually has parking places. You can't park there if you're attending a conference or workshop, but they let you park there if you're just signing books.

And yes, it's cool to see you name flying in the air in GREAT BIG letters!

Tamster said...

There is also visitor parking across the street from the Wilkinson Center (next to the law bldg. and across from the lower level entrance to the Wilk., if that helps). Of course, during Women's Conf. the parking situation is going to be crazy no matter where you park. It will be a busy place, but you will have a lot of fun. I worked at the bookstore about 3 1/2 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long!), and I remember experiencing the craziness of all the conferences during spring and summer. Lots of people! I hope it proves to be very successful for you! Good luck! (And if you meet any bookstore employees who have been around for several years, tell them Tami says hi! ;-) I worked in the GM office in the basement.) And good luck to anyone else on here who may be signing there too! :-)