Monday, June 9, 2008

Thank You

Putting on the 6 7 8 writers conference was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I am happy to say it is over. I wouldn't have taken on such a task, if I didn't think it would help the writers. From this group, we had myself, Abel and Janet talk. We also brought in the powerful Eloise Owens. She is amazing.
We also had the following people from this group there:
Lee Ann
Shirley (and two of her children) Micheal helped me hand out prizes.

We had 123 people there, and a lot of positive comments.

I love re meeting Sidney and her husband every time we meet. They are so happy.
Lee Ann is great, and we are going to have lunch soon and talk about publicity. Do you know she has nine books with us?
Tracy got a special welcome from the 120 + people there.
JoAnn was the person I saw the most in the audience, because she was always smiling at me. It was great, and I loved her post. (see below) I also want to give her a standing ovation for realizing how much it took to get this all together.
Terri, who was on the front row, like all good students are.
Mary and Kimberly were both great. I am glad I met them, if only for a minute though.

Two people I have to thank most of all, Tawna, my lovely wife, and Jennifer, Cedar Fort's receptionist. They both worked non stop the whole day.
Thanks to to the volunteers from work that came part of the day: Jessica, Jake, and Christy.
Thanks to all of the bloggers that helped me get the word out on this, and to all of you that came.


Terri Ferran said...

Thanks again, Doug! It was a day well-spent. There are several items I can use to help me in my craft.

Anonymous said...

Dear Doug,
It was well worth all the effort you and everyone else put in. It was so nice to meet your beautiful wife. I still can't believe she is a grandma. Looking forward to the next event. Let me know how I can help.