Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My author interview story - punchline

I didn't remember to tell the punchline of my "I interviewed myself for the back of the book" story at the workshop on Sat. This was in regard to The Book Lover's Cookbook paperback edition, when the editors wanted an interview with both authors to include in the back of the book. The reason I couldn't set aside everything else to arrange an interview that was convenient for all 3 of us was that when the editor made the request (ASAP, of course, and out of the blue- we had no idea they were going to do it or we could have been prepared on our own time line) my son was going to be married in three days. Not only were we getting ready for a wedding; the wedding was in Finland.

Then, to complicate matters, I woke up the day before we were to leave with a hugely swollen technicolored foot. It took most of the day to have it examined, X-rayed, and then studied by ultrasound, and it became more gruesome-looking by the hour. They finally determined that it was a ruptured blood vessel. I did not have a blood clot and could fly, though because of the risk that it could go septic due to the excessive swelling, I was given an antibiotic injection. And I was told to keep it elevated. Right. In airports and on airplanes. Anyway, we did go, the wedding was lovely, Finland was lovely, and I even managed one shuffled dance (this was a very traditional wedding) with my husband on my Ace-wrapped foot. It healed. End of that story.

Back to the author interview:

For your next book, or your current book, why don't you publish discussion questions yourself on your website? Book clubs love to use the discussion questions. I plan to do that with my novel soon. Thinking ahead: when your next book is published, in your author bio, mention that readers can find discussion questions on your website, and then give the URL. Wish I'd done that!

In fact, really think ahead and submit those discussion questions with your manuscript! The publisher will know you're really serious, and thorough.


Annette Lyon said...

Great idea, Janet. So sorry about your foot. Glad it all worked out.

I'm stuck on that picture of Helsinki harbor. I'm feeling seriously "homesick" seeing it--but I get to visit soon . . . can't WAIT!!!

Janet Kay Jensen said...

I know . . . I can't wait to go back. We have had 2 wonderful visits to Finland. Son gets homesick for the USA, of course, and college football, but we fly them home once a year. It's expanded our world to have a Finnish daughter in law, and a son who's become a Finn.

And the temple is gorgeous. Next visit we'll go INSIDE.

I can't wait to hear all about your trip when you go.

Aubrey said...


My name is Aubrey, and I was at the 6-7-8 conference. I really enjoyed listening to your speak. Thanks for all your helpful information!

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Wow! I love that idea! You are so with it, Janet, and such a trooper. Now you have SO MUCH more material to write another great story!

Mary Stosich said...

great idea! I am jsut getting my website up so that was timely!