Friday, June 27, 2008

David and Goliath & Co.

by Janet Jensen

I'm back from our weekend in LA . . . it did involve playing at the beach and rock and roll - we spent some time at Venice Beach and saw a great production of "The Who's Tommy." I'm still humming,

"Listening to you, I get the music, gazing at you, I get the beat, following you, I climb the mountain, I get excitement at your feet . . . "

Anyway, speaking of mountains, here's a creative suggestion submitted following the 6-7-8 writing workshop session on book promotion:

"I wrote a historical novel with scenes about David from the Old Testament. For book signings we want to dress up my husband - - - who is a big guy - - - as Goliath, and have my ten-year-old son dress up as David. We'll have sling shots so people can learn to sling with marshmallows (this happens on the sidewalk outside the store). "


Shirley Bahlmann said...

How hilarious! I want to be there, a volunteer target, with my mouth open.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

..... sounds like a definite cub scout favorite activity, no?

And as supportive as my husband is, dressing as ANY character would be out of the question!

Hooray for this family!