Friday, June 20, 2008

Facing Yuckiness with a Smile

By Christine Thackeray

Yuckiness is a part of life. We all face situations that just don't turn out the way we have planned or dreamed. Recently we moved to Oregon where the housing prices are insane. After the closing of our beautiful home in Minnesota, we were feeling antsy so my husband and I looked at a few properties. One stuck with us but it wasn't what either of us wanted. It is on a lot the size of a postage stamp, has a ton of bedrooms that no one with less than seven kids would even consider and is in a mixed, cramped neighborhood. It's been vacant for over a year but both of us couldn't stop thinking about it- it was even in the other ward- sad.

In the next few days I prayed and went over the hill to where Greg works to look in neighborhoods in that area (gas prices) but felt gray inside all day and when I crested the mountain back to Newberg, I suddenly felt this huge lift like I was coming home and I started to cry. Not out of joy- I did not want that house! But my husband and I figured the market was going down so we didn't do anything about, hoping that maybe we were both imagining it.

The next Sunday my Bishop called me in and released me. I looked at him in disbelief and asked who told him about the house. Nobody, he said, he had just felt inspired that there were other things I needed to be doing. I was shocked because I was YW's pres. for only one year. We went to the temple and then agreed to put in a low-ball offer, still hoping for some reprieve, but we got it. (Can you say "bad attitude"?)

For the last two weeks I've been up to my elbows in contracts and financial statements (Yuck!), my husband's project has been delayed at work and he's a grumpy bear, my graduated son is trying to get his eagle project done and a job amid my encouragement (ahhh!) and with all the children home from school, I'm feeling like I'm drowning. (My the unrest at CFI and my mother's passing hasn't helped much.) In short, it has been no fun.

So this morning I went swimming with a friend who told me frankly that I had been a "poo-poo monster" for the last few weeks. She said she was tired of watching me always look at the worst and live by pulling my hair out. Funny, once she said it I had to agree (I'm usually the wise-cracker on the back row or the silly woman laughing till her sides split) and as I walked away, I decided that I was going to shift. I know I am greatly blessed but maybe the greatest blessing of all is that I get to feel inspired to do something even if it wasn't what I thought I wanted to do. Faith is believing that Heavenly Father knows more than me about what's around the corner and trusting in his inspiration rather than grumbling about it. Our family motto is "Yes, Lord, I'd be happy to." It's time to buck up and live by it. See, I'm smiling.


Candace E. Salima said...

Christine, I'm sorry you've had so much unrest in your life. That makes it tough to remain optimistic and cheerful. But hang in there, "for this too shall pass," as one my favorite women used to say. I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Good luck with everything.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I love the expression "poo-poo monster." That helps take the sharp emotions out.

Hang in there -- if we hold on through the storms, they do pass.

Terri Ferran said...


Candace's comment made me think of one I like to use a lot to get me through the tough times. In the scriptures it says "It came to pass" many times. It doesn't ever say "It came to stay"! THAT is encouragement to me. It came to pass, it didn't come to stay.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Poo poo monster! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Now you've got me laughing, too!
Hey, I'm jealous about all those bedrooms. I see an office, a sewing room, a craft room, a dancing room...(sigh).
In one house we had, I even painted the insides of different rooms to look like a jungle, under water, and a zoo. (Animals everywhere!) There's a project for your kids to do this summer!
Glad you're smiling again.