Thursday, June 12, 2008

Book Addiction

Some people are addicted to chocolate (like me). Some are addicted to computer games (not like me). Some are addicted to books...and, unfortunately, some people, like me, follow through on that addiction and buy lots of books.
How is this bad? you ask. That's easy: have you ever tried to move your book collection? If the majority of your moving boxes contain books, this is probably a bad sign.
I'd like to blame the CFI discounted books store for the bulk of my collection, but the truth is that most of my books just gravitated to me from elsewhere in the universe. I don't know how it happens, but I swear they just show up in my living room. Novels, reference books, health and weight loss books, old school books; they are all combining to make the move to St. George seem impossible.
I'm sure most of you are thinking "Well duh, Kammi, DI most of them." I can't do that! It would be like chopping off a finger. Besides, many of them came from the DI anyway, and so giving them back to the DI would be self-defeating.
So here I sit, facing ten boxes of books (too heavy to lift) and another bookshelf to empty before I go. And somewhere in-between packing books, cleaning, taking the LSAT (Monday! I'm in a panic), and leaving CFI, I've got to find a way to pack the rest of the house.
Maybe I'll leave everything else behind and just take my books...


Janet Kay Jensen said...

Kammi, my sister is moving and had a "book party" for her friends. She had stacks of books she just can't afford to move from St. Paul Minnesota to Portland, Ore. and invited them to take anything they wanted.

Another friend just takes books to the library and deposits them in the "return" bin.

That's like the neighbors who put zucchini on your doorstep during the night . . .

But books are friends. It's hard to part with them. Oh, what the heck? Leave the other stuff behind and take your books!

And best of luck on the LSAT!


Aubrey said...


I know exactly what you mean! I buy most of my books used on Amazon, so I can afford to buy more, and it does seem like they mysteriously multiply in my house. But I can't bring myself to part with any of them, even though I know it's not practical.

I think that the best solution would be for you to just stay here; that way, you don't have to worry about packing! :)

Doug Johnston said...

I went down the hall and talked to Kammi about this. I have more books than I will ever be able to read, and I can't ever get rid of any of them. I think 37 boxes at last count. Then my mom closed her variety store, and I think there are now another 50. Most of them are LDS books from the 60's and 70's and never have been opened.

Janet Kay Jensen said...

It's even worse when you inherit them. Then you feel like a traitor if you get rid of any of them.

BUT we ask ourselves, at our advancing ages, "what would our kids do with all of these books if we died?" That's a bit of a motivator to keep the number manageable. If I'm only going to read a book one time, I'm happy to pass it along to a friend or family member and tell them not to send it back! Then I think of the book as taking a happy journey as it goes from one reader to another.

My husband's mother and grandmother owned a bookstore, and my mother was a librarian. So you can see, I'm genetically inclined to be a book magnet. But I'm trying really hard to be practical, too . . .


Stephanie Humphreys said...

I have the same problem. The elders quorum hates to move my family.

Noble M Standing said...

I was so excited when my DH's last job moved us, then they had to pack the boxes of books. (but I had to unpack them.) I have over 500 before my last book spree, and then there aree my DDS books my Dh's and the over 200 in the kids shelves.
Hello my name is Michelle and I am a book addict and no I don't want recovery.

Marcia Mickelson said...

I only have one regret in my life--when we moved from Utah to NJ 10 years ago, I gave away a lot of books that I wish I still had. I think about them often. So, I understand about not wanting to give them away. You'll still think about them years from now. I totally understand. I'm moving now and there are so many boxes of books. I did get rid of a few, but they were ones I've been given that I don't really care about.

GOod luck with the LSAT

Tracy Winegar said...

What the Hey Ho??? You're leaving! Say it isn't so.