Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Book Promotion Ideas from 6 7 8 workshop

I promised to post some of the suggestions that resulted from my workshop on book promotion. I won't identify these by name unless I'm sure the person wouldn't mind (i.e. Shirley). Here are a few of my favorites:
One writer plans to submit her book straight to Oprah!

Comment: This writer has chutzpah. Wouldn't we all think we'd died and gone to heaven if our book made it to Oprah's book club?

Here's another suggestion:

Contact a local airline and have them place a copy of your book (or an excerpt of it) in the back pocket of the seat in the plane! You'll have a captive, book-hungry audience!

Comment: this even came with a charming illustration of an airplane, with quotes surrounding it - "Wow, this is a great book!" "Love this book!"

While I don't think this is possible, airlines being airlines, I thought it was a great idea!

Future suggestions will be posted - - - stay tuned!



Darvell Hunt said...

I don't know about implementing the Ophrah idea, but people forget things on airplanes all the time. That pocket on the back of airline seats is EVIL. It's stolen a few things from me over the years.

As such, I'm not sure the airline is going to notice a couple extra copies of books stashed in the pockets after a flight--at least connecting flights. Expensive way to advertise, though, but I like it! It's got chutzpah!


Janet Kay Jensen said...

Darvell, an airplane stole my husband's bifocals, and as we were in Europe, we never recovered them. I agree, those pouches are dangerous. But I really like the concept of sticking books in them for others to read! Whether or not it could be done, what a great idea.