Friday, June 20, 2008

Haven't Felt Much Like Posting

by Shirley Bahlmann
I'll admit it, I haven't felt much like posting lately. Since Doug Johnston invited me to join this blog in the first place, to blog without him here has almost felt like writing on his tombstone with glow-in-the-dark permanent marker. (Whoa, do they even MAKE those things? I'll take a dozen!)
But I've gotten wind of the idea that Doug may just want us to keep blogging. In this case, perhaps the captain doesn't have to go down with the ship. Maybe he can just be floating alongside in a pair of bright yellow water wings, shouting encouragement up to us less-experienced sailors. So I'm thinking I'll follow Janet's brave and talented lead and begin posting again, to be a voice for Doug's efforts that pulled us all together and got us so many hits that Marcia (wasn't it you, Marcia?) won a FREE BOOK!
And who wouldn't want that?
Oorah, Doug.

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