Sunday, June 1, 2008

Goolge Earth

By Marcia Mickelson

My 8 year old is hooked. I introduced him to Goole Earth two weeks ago, and he can't get enough. He's pushing three hours on the computer each day, and I have to get him off to do different things, or I think he'd stay there all day.

He's big into geography and maps. His year old book of San Antonio maps is tattered from hours of enjoyment. But, this is a whole new, amazing adventure for him. He's in heaven.

He has enjoyed finding our house, his school, and just about every place he's ever been. We're moving to a new town this month, and he has already scouted out our new house, his new school. He can already tell me the nearest libraries, parks, and grocery stores. He can already tell me exactly how to get there (with a little comparison between his map and Google Earth), what streets I need to take, and what I'll pass on my way there. He's also taken a great liking to marking the places he finds.

I think it's great that he enjoys Google Earth. It's truly an amazing program. What's funny is that he can't just enjoy it. He has to tell me all the things he finds. I hear "Look!" at least a dozen times an hour. I can only be excited about another McDonald's so many times. But, really, I am happy that he is enjoying this great technology we have today.

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Shirley Bahlmann said...

It sounds like you have an explorer on your hands... or a future map maker. Having an 8-year-old myself, I'm delighted to hear that your son is using a constructive program, instead of just playing games. (I know, some may argue that games are also instructive, but I like the map thing better. Okay?)