Friday, June 13, 2008

Recycling Dilemma

I'm moving next week, and I have a box full of five years' worth of household batteries. I've been hanging on to them because I wanted to recycle them, and the nearest recycling facility for batteries is about 20 miles away. In the five years I've lived in San Antonio, I had never taken batteries to be recycled. It made no sense to drive all the way out there just to drop off batteries. Whatever good I'm doing to the environment by recycling the batteries would just be canceled out by the drive.

Finally, after five years, it seemed worth it. So, I loaded up the heavy box of batteries and a few cans of paint to drop off to the hazardous material recycling facility. We managed to find a library near there to visit to make the trip more worthwhile. My kids love going to different libraries, but I don't always like to take them to ones very far away. They're bored with the three or four libraries close to us. They just don't understand gas prices. So, they were excited we finally were able to go to this library.

It felt good to get rid of those batteries. When I lived in New Jersey, there was a receptacle for recycling batteries right in our library. How nice to just drop them off every time I went there. I love you, San Antonio, but you need to make it easier to recycle batteries. There is only one place in this entire city to recycle batteries, and it is so far away. Despite that, I will really miss you, San Antonio. Who knows what recycling is like in Corpus Christi. Yikes!


Shirley Bahlmann said...

Wow, you are dedicated! I appreciate what you're doing for the environment. I don't even know where the nearest recycling center is to Ephraim, Utah. I only know they put a yard waste dumpster south of town every spring.
Best of luck in your move!

Marcia Mickelson said...

Shirley- I grew up in New Jersey, one of the most densely populated states where we have to recycle or we're practically living on top of each other. I'm sure if I grew up anywhere else, I wouldn't be so psycho obsessed about recycling. Growing up, I remember watching my mom always seperate the recycling stuff from the garbage. It was such a routine, ordirnary thing to me because of where we lived. Any other state, I don't think would have pushed it so much.