Tuesday, June 24, 2008

David J Stitt

A Weapon Against Deception

Recently, I was reading in 3 Ne 28. It is about when the Savior was speaking with His disciples and asked them what they desired of Him. Trying to imagine the events of 3rd Nephi is completely out of the realm of that which is normal. It is like trying to comprehend the life we will live during the millennium. Those experiences are utterly beyond anything that most of us will ever experience in this life. I have tried to imagine being with a multitude of people, or in this case 12 men, with the resurrected Son of God. In this instance they were probably gathered in a circle around Him. The scripture says He came and “stood in the midst of them” 3 Nephi 27:2. How does one, as a mortal, imagine a conversation with the Lord that is as real as having guests to dinner? Consider the Creator of the universe, He who atoned for us, standing next to you and after speaking to the group of 12, looking at you directly, individually (3Ne 28:1) and asking you what you desire of Him. That is how aware He is of each one of us, of you.

When Satan tries to deceive you with feelings that make you think that the Savior does not know you, or is too busy for your problems, think of this event and try your best to imagine being there. It will help to bring the truth into your heart and destroy this deception.


Rebecca Talley said...

I just read this passage. It is absolutely mind boggling to think about being with the Savior. I can't even comprehend it, but I have coplete faith that it happened.

I think Satan is so subtle and so good at discouraging us in the simplest ways. It's a constant struggle to keep Satan at bay, but it can be done and thinking about this passage is a great way to combat him.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Wow, what a powerful reminder. Thanks for posting that.

Brittany Mangus said...

What a wonderful post! It sort of goes along with what I just read in the Ensign. (It was the First Presidency message "Safety in Counsel" by President Eyring.)
He referenced how the Savior likened himself to a hen and us to the chicks. He said how He has offered protection from the temptations and lies of Satan, and yet many times we do not accept it.

Understanding who He is and how He knows us individually would definitely help us to come unto Him in every way; which would ultimately destroy the ability the adversary has to deceive.